I'm having problems, and I need to reinstall my add-ins from a clean start. How do I do this?

Here are the instructions for a clean reinstall:

Close Outlook.
Go to Control Panel...Programs and Features...Uninstall a Program. Find and Remove all add-ins (they are listed under "Sperry Software - name of add-in").
Download and then run our uninstaller at When you run it, make sure to right click on the file and select 'Run as Adminstrator'. Otherwise, it may not run correctly.
Next download your add-ins again. If you need it, here's the list of all our downloadable add-ins.
Then install (one add-in at a time), start Outlook after each installation, and enter your order number if and when prompted. Then exit Outlook and begin the next installation if you have more than one add-in.
Be sure to select the correct "bitness" for your version of Outlook, not Windows.

Finally, to prevent Outlook from disabling the add-in in the future, run this tool: (Note: You may have to run it as an Administrator for it to take full effect).

Our versions are generally not compatible with each other - that is, an error will occur if you mix version 6.3 with version 7.1, etc.  Also, note that running the registry cleaner will erase all your settings and you will have to re-enter them, so you might want to take a screenshot of them before beginning this process.