Before using Save As PDF or Save As PDF Pro, sometimes an observant user will count the number of emails and after running the add-in, the resulting number of PDF files in the Windows system and they will not match up.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The Save As PDF add-in only converts true email items - that is, meeting requests, task items, and anything that does not have the standard envelope icon (viewable from the main Outlook window) will not be converted and will be silently skipped.  
  2. The Rename feature of the add-in may have the "Overwrite existing files" checked.  If this is the case, and two emails result in having the same PDF filename, then one will overwrite the other.  To fix this, uncheck the "Overwrite existing files" option and try your test again (be sure to delete any PDFs in your destination folder, as the add-in will rename any PDFs if they already exist):
  3. There may be an error during processing of a particular email.  For instance, Nested tables within Word sometimes do not convert properly. To narrow down the offending email, the Save As PDF add-in includes the ability to move emails that fail to convert to another folder.  This feature is found on the Exceptions tab in the Configuration Window.  Once the add-in is run, the folder that holds the emails that failed to convert can be examined to determine the underlying cause, and a log file can easily be generated for just that email.

This article applies to Save As PDF.